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Fine-grained anomaly detection

Alerts with verifiable root cause and fix

Reduced MTTR, Self-Healing Systems


Causal Alerts

The problem: there are more alerts correlating with the performance anomaly than that can be investigated.

The solution: Causation-based alerts, not correlation-based alerts. Something is needed that can automatically determine a true performance anomaly, automatically determine from the metric data the cause of the anomaly, and provide options to automate the response. 

The vision: once you can automate root causation with confidence, we are one step closer to self-healing systems.


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The Opas solution consists of a patented three-part approach to true application performance management:

  • Adaptive agents capture every interaction—within the application, between your application and data layer, and between each application across your IT environment—with the highest level of granularity.
  • Causation models that employ two dualities to:  A) Capture and model your most complex application environment as well as the intelligence and intuition of your best DevOps personnel; and B) Employ historical records as well as forward projections to determine the best solutions to the most vexing application performance problem.
  • Predictive alerts. Our analysis engine filters and finds the most relevant metrics for the performance problem, creating predictive alerts and verifying root cause in real time.   


Opas Causation Engine

What does it do?

The Opas Causation Engine replicates your application’s performance based on the behavior of your various dependencies and components.

How does it do this?

Opas uses an ensemble of statistical and ML models – deep neural nets, random forest, support vector machines – to build a “digital twin” of your app/infra system. In AI language, we build a model of your system output given its inputs.

How do customers use it?

Once your system’s behavior in its environment is learned, we can predict with 98+% precision what the output will be, given the behavior of the inputs. The digital twin is a sandbox that automatically perturbs the inputs to isolate the one, or the combination of several, that are causing the problem.

The OPAS Promise

Our promise to our customers is both simple and bold:  no matter how complex your application performance problem, we can find, diagnose and recommend a fix for it.  Our process is equally simple and bold:  1) Our patented adaptive agents capture every interaction within your application environment with the highest level of granularity; 2) Our causation models capture both your entire application model as well as the insights of your best DevOps personnel, then employ past analysis and future projections to find and fix even the toughest application problems; and 3) Our analysis engine generates predictive alerts and verifies root cause in real time.

No other company can make the above promise. To learn more about how we do it—and what we can do for you—click here to schedule a demo.

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